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The Best Weekly Coding Class for Kids and Teens in Penang, Malaysia.
We teach students 10 to 18 years old to learn how to write their own programming, build mobile apps and deploy websites!


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Telebort Weekly Core Programs

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Program A​: 
Foundation of
Creative Computing
Suitable for kids and teens who
do not have the programming foundation
Age: 10-14 years old
🗓 Date: 19th June 2021 (Orientation Day)
⏰ Time: Every Saturday, 2pm to 4pm
🏠 Venue: Penang Digital Library*

*subject to the latest development of MCO/CMCO

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Program G.png
Program G​: 
Artificial Intelligence with Python
Suitable for kids and teens who completed Telebort Core Program F or have existing knowledge
in Python programming
Age: 13-16 years old
(No age restriction for Telebort alumni)
🗓 Date: 23rd May 2021 (Tentative)
⏰ Time: Every Sunday, 2pm to 4pm / 5pm to 7pm
🏠 Venue: Penang Digital Library*

*subject to the latest development of MCO/CMCO

Telebort's Core Programs
for 10 - 18 years old

Telebort's Computer Science Education Roadmap is designed for school children to express their own ideas in designing their own stories, mobile apps, websites and many more.
Program A.png
Program A
Foundation of
Creative Computing
Program B.png
Program B
Mobile Apps
Program C.png
Program C
Fundamental Web Design (HTML & CSS)
Program D.png
Program D
Interactive Web Design (JavaScript)
Program E.png
Program E
Advanced Web Development
Program F
Data Analysis
with Python
Program G.png
Program G
Artificial Intelligence with Python


Coding is not hard.

Your kids and teens

are capable to write their own programming, build their mobile apps, and deploy their website too!

" I have never regretted learning with Telebort. The lessons are interesting and nevertheless they make the lessons simple and easy to understand. Besides, the teachers are extremely friendly and helpful. They make it feel like we are friends and that really helps us to learn better. "

Jordan Lee Chong Ren, 18 years old

President of Telebort Alumni Platform

" I would like to thank the teacher for fully supporting me in many ways. When I didn’t know what to do, my teacher taught me very kindly and gently. Even during lockdown, teachers mentally cheer me up not to lose motivation. I could learn many things, not just programming with Telebort. "

Jin Kimura, 15years old

Nara, Japan

" I overcame my challenges in coding by asking Telebort’s teachers and my friends. Besides, I will also try to figure it out by myself. My dream is to be a super programmer to create an application which will ease human's life. "

Chaturthiya A/P Vetha, 14 years old

Penang, Malaysia

" In Telebort, I learnt a lot about mobile apps development in Program B. While, in Program D, I can easily understand how to read and create the Javascript code of every website and how they work.“Thank you Mr. Chong Wei motivates me and tells me the meaning of programming and to work together to help others. "

Ezekiel Raja Purba, 17 years old

Jakarta, Indonesia

He has created the best birthday surprise for his dad by making his own app, named “Money Manager app” with the help from Telebort’s teacher. Father:  “I am so happy and proud of him after receiving this app, it’s probably the best gift for me.”

Navid Darren Kumar, 11 years old

Penang, Malaysia

She has created a “Teacher’s Day Poem Mobile App” for all teachers during Teacher’s Day. She has been using the knowledge she has learnt in Program B to create this mobile app by herself.

Tay Khye Huey, 11 years old

Penang, Malaysia

He proposed an app “A Bowl of Rice” to solve the problem of World Hunger during the Prototype Presentation in Program B: Mobile Apps Development. "I just want to thanks all the wonderful teachers in Telebort who helped me to overcome my challenges when I first started to learn coding. Moreover, I felt grateful that my parents sent me to Telebort which is a nice place to learn coding. 

Joseph Leong Yen Joe, 14 years old

Penang, Malaysia

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